There are a few different reasons that your kitchen sink could be giving off a bad smell but lucky for us it is a pretty easy thing to cure.

Cleaning Bacteria and Waste Material

Your garbage disposal should have come with a users manual and it may explain that by dumping a large quanity of ice and water into the disposal you can clean the area fairly well.

In addition cleaning the bacteria from your waste lines and disposal should include the use of bleach. Standard household bleach that you use for washing clothes that does not have additives can be poured down your drain to kill bacteria and loosen up food matter.

The problem when using bleach is that pouring it down your sink is basically sending it right out into your sewer. The best way to add it to your garbage disposal is to pour one cup into the disposal and then allow it to sit then force ice through the disposal with a sink full of water.  You want to step away from the sink when you activate the disposal and using safety glasses is not a bad idea.

A small amount of bleach can also be poured into your p-trap through your main sink drain but remember if you pour too much into the drain it will simply go into the sewer and be wasted.

Bleach should only sit in your drain for about 15-20 minutes no longer or it can damage your pipes over time. You would never want to let it sit overnight the same way you would not let drain cleaner sit in your pipes overnight or it will corrode the pipes and cause leaks.

Final Note

I hope this howto helps you get the odor out of your sink and remember that proper use of your dishwasher, disposal and checking your p-trap if the water seems to be draining slower then normal is the best way to keep a healthy kitchen sink.

If you find that you need extended repairs especially if water is backing into your sink when it is used in other places in your home you should have a professional take a look at the design of your system. Make sure you get a quote on the price for an inspection only when you call and then you can choose to do the work your self or have them do it.

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