If your toilet seems to have a weak flush, make a gurgling sound after or during the flush or clogs due to that weak flush, please review the following:

1. Make sure water level in tank is appropriate; there is a water line marking on the flush valve or on the inside back wall of the tank.

2. Flapper chain adjustment; make sure there is little to no slack in the chain connecting the trip lever (toilet handle lever) to the flapper.

3. Water level in bowl is appropriate level; if the water level in the bowl is low, the toilet will require additional flushes. Review the specification sheet for proper bowl water level measurements.

4. If the toilet clogs, as in, the water/waste backs up when it is flushed; it will need to be snaked or augured out.  Residential toilet snakes can be purchased a local hardware stores, plumbing retailers or distributors.

5. Vent pipe is not blocked or clogged; a blocked vent pipe will prevent air from flowing through the vent. Correct air flow through the vent is critical for the correct waste flow.

6. Rim feed hose is connected into overflow on flush valve; most toilets have a rim feed hose that supplies water to the rim holes. This rim feed hose is attached to the fill valve and should point downward, and be connected inside of, the flush valve overflow tube.

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