Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a hot shower in the morning. You get out, get ready for work and head out the door. At the office, you clean your desk and organize a few things. Maybe on the way home you stop off at the car wash. You get the vacuum and start cleaning the inside of your car. Sucking up any dirt, leaves and more than a few Cheerio’s from last weeks trip to Jupiter Beach with the kids. Now, there’s probably not any cheerio’s in your water heater but water heaters should be cleaned out too.

When you hear the term ‘flush’, most people think toilet. In this case, we are talking about your water heater but using the same idea. Flushing of your water heater gets rid of all the crud inside the tank of the heater that you really don’t want to be showering with anyways. Flushing of the water heater is a simple process that can increase the life of your heater and make it operate at it’s peak efficiency.

Over time, debris travels into your home’s plumbing system through your water pipes and some of it settles in your water heater. This debris usually comes from your water municipality after they repair their pipes and is completely normal and harmless. Then there is the debris from your water heater itself which makes up most of the crud in the bottom of your heater. As time passes, the inside of your tank deteriorates and pieces of the liner start to fall to the bottom. This is the stuff we want out of our tanks! So, how do we get it out?

Attach a garden hose to the drain valve located at the bottom of your water heater. Run the hose outside making sure to keep away from plants, grass, animals and people as the water coming out will be very hot. Open the drain valve and allow the water to drain out. You’ll be surprised how dirty the water is! Flush the water heater until the water coming out is clear, typically about a minute or so. Turn off the drain valve and you’re done! This whole process should take about 15 mins.

Flushing of your water heater is recommended once a year. Just add it to your spring cleaning! And remember, 15 minutes can get you 15 years or more out of your water heater!

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